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Panasonic IP-Hybrid Telephone System

For more than 40 years Panasonic has been a major worldwide innovator of business telephone systems. The business environment is constantly changing, and Panasonic continues to be an integral part of that rapidly changing business environment by providing sate-of-the art telephone equipment, which includes wireless connectivity. Keeping in touch with your customers is a key element in maintaining a good business, and Panasonic is there to help make it happen.


The design of the KX-TDA100 and KX-TDA200 allows you to expand your system as your needs grow by plugging in additional cards and telephones to the plug-in architecture. All of the expansion card slots are universal, so that any card can be plugged into any universal slot, allowing maximum use of what’s available within the cabinet. What’s even better is the TDA expansion cards operate on both the KX-TDA100 and the KX-TDA200 system. That means if you outgrow the KX-TDA100 system, you can unplug the expansion cards from that system and plug them directly into the KX-TDA200 without having to buy a whole new system.

In terms of maximum system capacities the KX-TDA100 can offer up to 96 ports and the KX-TDA200 can support up to 192 ports with 128 wireless telephones.

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The Panasonic IP-Hybrid Telephone comes in four stylish varations. With features such as an easy-to-read large LCD and four tilt positions, it not only looks good but makes life simple for users too. The KX-TDA system also makes it easy to accomodate other telephones, fax machines, or modems with a unique extension number.

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Cordless Telephone:

Integrating a DECT 6.0 cordless telephone with the KX-TDE/NCP means that the benefits of the system are not left behind when you leave your desk.

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The KX-NS700 harnesses the power of an IP communications platform while retaining the ability to maintain a legacy PBX digital platform. It has intelligent features like built-in voicemail, call center monitoring and reporting, as well as access to our standard Communication Assistant application tool. You can also try advanced features before purchasing, like two-way recording, message storage backup, voicemail-to-email notification, mobility and advanced Communication Assistant.

Panasonic's TVA Series

Voice processing systems offer much more than voice mail and automated attendant service. You also get versatile features and options, such as multi-lingual service , custom service and Live Call Screening. You can also record your conversation right into your own mailbox.

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