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Telesys has a unique staff of technicians with a wide variety of expertise. Among them is the ability to engineer telecommunications to provide you with efficient performance. As an authorized dealer, we provide our clients with superior products to handle a variety of voice, data and video applications. Our knowledge also includes Computer Telephony Integration, T-1/PRI channel equipment, Automatic Call Distribution and Video Teleconferencing.

Servicing and maintaining your equipment

Our staff of certified technicians have the knowledge to support and maintain your equipment. This allows the end user to have optimum performance at minimal costs. Our company also provides:


  •     24 Hour 7 Day Emergency Response
  •     Remote Maintenance and Diagnostics
  •     Service Orders placed with C/LEC’s
  •     On-Site Training
  •     Post Install Training
  •     Maintenance Contracts
  •     Remote Backup of CDE
  •     Free On-line Technical Support